is safe?

is safe?
is it safe? it seems kind of sketchy 2 b tlking 2 a tutor over chat
is it free?

Suggestion by It’s Meeeeee!~
its not free. and when i tried a session it didnt really help me so i would recommend it!

Suggestion by Michael Cuellar
Is anything REALLY free and safe?

Suggestion by Buffy Staffordshire
According to most people, the “free trial” is non-existent, all tutors are always busy with paying customers and if you do give them your credit card, you will be charged nearly $ 100 and still be told the tutors are busy or receive incorrect answers.

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is tutorvista legitimate?
so there is this site;

with basically free tutors to help you in algebra.
i’m not sure if it’s legitimate or not, as in, if they just give you bogus answers or something like that.

has anyone tried this site before?

Suggestion by vineet_dwivedi
free help is only for trial period. Biggest online tutoring company cannot put more than 2000 tutors to provide free help. They provide unlimited tutoring for all subjects for only $ 99 a month. You can try for a month and check.

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  1. K August 29, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    Hi It is not a free service but very affordable and the best and perhaps only real professional option out there. remember you will get what you pay for.
    They claim to be the largest and have solid pedigree. BUT remember , unless you cancel , you will be auto renewed for your subscription every month – so if you don’t want to use every month but want to use it only for a short limited period of time – do CANCEL your subscription.

    They have been around for five years

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